Imitation of a dark wood with a mosaic effect on the floor slab brings a special comfort to the interior. The feeling of natural material gives the interior warmth, and a light decor with metallic inlay - an additional chic.

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All the luxury of white roses found its embodiment in the collection of Roma. Two types of decors - a texture plate and a composite panel with a contour of roses, edged with gold-containing paste. The base plate is available in two colors - white and black.

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Luxurious collection in a classic combination of black and white. Texture plates for natural stone. Thanks to the decorating elements, the tiles of this collection can be zoned room and visually expand the space. Guide lines in the borders allow using them both horizontally and vertically.

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In the collection of Marano, the flowers on the decors and the strips on the main plate are beautifully combined. Airy, gentle design and spraying with sparkles on the decorative elements of the collection makes it possible to create a play of light and shadow in the interior. The collection is available in two colors - lilac and green.

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Collection for kitchen of non-standard format in two designs. One in muffled tones: dark coral, lavender and beige. The second in authentic Russian style, décor is covered with ornament gzel characteristic for national Russian painting.

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A few words about us

Ceramica Stellare is a new brand in the ceramic industry, owned by “Prime Ceramics”. It is an Uzbek company for production of building and collection ceramic tiles. The company’s plant is located in the city of Samarkand and currently is the most high-tech enterprise in this industry.

The plant operates on the Italian equipment of “SACMI” and “SYSTEM” companies – world leaders in equipping the ceramic industries. The variety of raw materials base and choice of design are the guarantee of high production flexibility. By applying modern technologies, we externalize in our products actual solutions from the world of ceramics for those who value quality and strive to express their individuality in the interior.



When creating this collection, the designers were inspired by the recognized canvases of the Dutch masters of impressionism. Strict brown shades of the base plate shade scale panels with imitation of baguettes.

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The loving style of ""Provence"" in this collection is available in three shades: white, beige and ivory. The deep relief on the tile creates an illusion of small format. The unique composition of the glaze creates a slightly matte effect on the surface.

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The combination of imitations of light and dark wood brings to the interior a special cosiness and opens new possibilities for finishing living rooms. The feeling of natural material gives the interior warmth, and a light decor with gold inlay - an additional chic.

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Dora Baltea

Bright collection of sandy hue with a neutral texture is transformed with the use of panels and curbs. A floral ornament throughout the area of decorating elements is very refreshing to the interior when creating screens and inserts. A non-standard collection, loved by many of our customers.

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Floor tiles with a texture under the tree, imitating a mosaic parquet.

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Our collections

Our sets are chosen in such a way as to satisfy the exacting taste of any client. Each set is a harmonious ensemble of basic ceramic tiles for decoration of walls and floors, complemented by decorative elements: curbs, inserts, rosettes, panels.

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Retail sales

Ceramic tiles of Stellare ceramica are already available in 10 cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Gulistan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Karshi, Jizzakh, Fergana, Namangan, Andijan, Termez. To find the address of the nearest store or showroom, click on the button below.



Our goal is to ensure the availability of ceramic tiles CeramicaStellare for everyone! We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation and development. To learn about the benefits of working with CeramicaStellare as a dealer, please contact us and leave your contact information.