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New collection


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Trendy direction "patchwork" in East reading. Minimalistic base tile is made with the effect of aging and complemented with rich decor in the form of 4 different panels with unique ornamental rosettes. Panels can serve as a separator for the base, can be pasted into columns or on the perimeter of the premise, and used as a single decor.

  • For internal works For internal works
  • Light fastness of colors Light fastness of colors
  • Matte Matte
  • Stain resistance Stain resistance

Colors and decors

Retail sales

Ceramic tiles of Stellare ceramica are already available in 10 cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Gulistan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Karshi, Jizzakh, Fergana, Namangan, Andijan, Termez. To find the address of the nearest store or showroom, click on the button below.



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